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Tri-Lift NC: Your New Equipment Headquarters

Several businesses, especially those in that warehouse industry, rely on the reliability and stability of a good forklift. Getting just the correct type forklift, and other equipment, can really make or break a business and you ought to be sure that you are not just handing your supplies with care but keeping your employees safe and comfortable while operating the forklift.

Luckily, there are companies out there that take great pride in their products and ensure you are only getting the best built business and top quality machinery. The individuals over at Tri-Lift do that with testing their forklifts, giving you only the best and innovative industrial equipment, and help fit you with innovative lift trucks for a decent cost. No matter if you would like something to transport a few goods or maybe a heavy amount of goods, it definitely pays to have new forklifts inside your arsenal and ones that will continue to run for a long time.

The website itself allows want you to browse their inventory and pick your brand-new industrial equipment based on several needs. Whether you want a specialized manufacturer or looking for an issue more general, you will be ready to find exactly the right little bit of new industrial equipment for you and your company. There are many different varieties of forklifts out there such as linde, clark, unicarriers, and hoist, all of which are provided at the new equipment headquarters ran by Tri-Lift NC Inc. There are certain forklifts that carry particular categories of materials and specialize in handling certain items carefully. No matter the need, and no matter the product, Tri-Lift has exactly what you may want and can give you the very top quality in forklift and forklift technology along with the supporting after-sale service.

Tri-Lift is creating a big push to not simply sell you new forklifts and become your provider, but to be your one-stop shop for everything material handling, training together with safety. This can be the beginning of a great and reliable partnership between providing them the means to continue giving your company quality forklifts and as well giving your company the specialized experience, prowess, and knowledge with a reliable forklift vendor. At the end of the day, Tri-Lift is making sure everyone is square and therefore business is being fulfilled with both ends. Tri-Lift is going to pursue to stock whatever your company needs with regard to new lift trucks and industrial equipment while maintaining the best service that makes them the best in the material handling business.


March Forklift Special: Linde H30T Pneumatic Forklift



New Forklift Special: Linde H30T

$39,900 Plus Tax & Delivery


*72 month FMV Lease with approved credit and application survey.

This truck features the exclusive Linde Protector Frame overhead guard and frame system that offers unparalleled protection for the driver. The top mounted tilt cylinders allow for a mast design which maximizes all-around visibility, while optimizing truck stability.
Advanced engine and drive technology combined with the original Linde Load Control system enable the operator to utilize the truck´s vast potential for greatest possible productivity. The exclusive Linde dual pedal travel control allows smooth directional changes and precise maneuvering, even in the tightest areas.
A comfortable operator is a productive and safe operator. That’s why the 393-02 series is designed to the latest ergonomic standards. A multitude of features such as the armrest, full suspension seat, ample foot room, and an adjustable steering column, are all part of a comprehensive effort to keep the operator comfortable and secure.
Low Maintenance & Outstanding Durability
Exclusive features like Linde hydrostatic drive, neoprene mounting of axles, and mast & tilt cylinders, all contribute extensively to low maintenance. The longest maintenance intervals in the industry are just one result of applied know-how and engineering. Even in the harshest applications this truck series offers a proven combination of reliability and durability resulting in long service life.


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Understanding Equipment Total Ownership Costs vs Purchase Price.

Total CostWhen you are purchasing a piece of equipment, you obtain competitive quotes, verify specifications and generate a purchase order. For that matter, just about anything we purchase goes through the same process. However, there is much more to purchasing forklifts and other material handling equipment. We have found, over the years, that often there are variables that can greatly affect the total cost of ownership of anything, be it an automobile, forklift or a giant cargo container.

The price you pay for your piece of equipment, by most accounts, reflects about 10% of the total ownership costs of that piece of equipment. This leaves 90% of your total costs up in the air. Depending on many variables, you could pay much more for the equipment than you needed to, or much less. These variables include:

Performance and Reliability of Equipment – Comparing cost per hour to operate can give you a good idea of what competing pieces of equipment will cost you over their useful life. When comparing cost per hour to operate, you should be sure you’re comparing similar models under similar circumstances. A lift truck operating 1500 hours a year for a light weight product manufacturer will cost far less over its lifetime than the same lift truck operating at a recycling facility. This cost should reflect general maintenance requirements as well as fuel costs.

Fuel Consumption – While this is often a part of performance and cost per hour, knowing the fuel costs for each comparing brand and calculating total costs over the life of the equipment can sometimes be quite an eye-opener. In addition, what are your fuel alternatives? Can you use electric models? Thinking outside the box may result in lower costs to power your forklift and other lift equipment.

Specifications vs. Operations – It is rare that two 5,000-lb-capacity forklifts from competing brands will have similar specifications. Knowing what your facility will accommodate and comparing that with each model will give you insight into how each model will perform, given your operating parameters. Factors include: aisle width vs. turn radius, draw bar pull, suspension and ergonomics compared to your floor condition, indoor/outdoor use and ceiling height/rack height vs. max lift height. You will also want to compare features between brands to ensure that each lift truck model is equipped with the proper components to meet your operational requirements. For example: Can it operate properly inside your ice cream freezer?

Ergonomics – A comfortable and smooth-running piece of equipment will provide you with increased productivity. These are costs hidden in equipment that are quite real in daily operating conditions. How much time and research and development, does each brand put into the comfort and ease of use of their equipment? Happy, comfortable operators are simply more productive.

Safety – Never underestimate the safety features of your equipment. What equipment is being specified and what equipment is optional from each manufacturer is very important to know. Reducing your accident costs or product/facility damage can make a big difference in your total fleet operational expenses.

Useful Life – Finally, how many hours can you expect from each piece of equipment until the cost to operate becomes cost-prohibitive? This can vary widely depending upon brand and model. But having some qualitative and quantitative information on hand, if possible, will help you make a better decision about the total cost of operating each unit/model. Our flagship line, Linde forklifts are widely considered the world’s most cost-effective and productive forklifts. Their engineering and construction make them the lowest total ownership cost forklift available!

There are many factors beyond price tag or lease rate that can help you make good decisions about the equipment you purchase. Having a partner that listens, evaluates and fulfills your needs is essential in building a fleet that is most productive and less costly in the long run. Contact us at 866-393-9833 to speak to one of our material handling professionals about the right forklift for your operation.


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3 Tips to Forklift Fleet Maintenance Optimization

Within current forklift fleet upkeep and administration content articles, we now have talked about the advantages of correctly sustaining your own gear. There isn’t any question which businesses participate in strong as well as thorough gear upkeep, cut costs over time as well as enhance the effectiveness of the forklift fleets.

Creating a course which proactively maintains your own gear to maximize efficiency requires just a little associated with function. However using the correct companion dealer with you, the procedure could be easier to setup as well as handle. Below are 3 ideas, all of us recommend, to be able to set up applications which increase efficiency as well as lower your general expenses.

Fleet Evaluation

All of us notice, more often than not, that gear inside your service aren’t employed exactly the same method or even underneath the exact same problems. A few units may sit down nonproductive for some several hours every day as well as lift/transport much less general pounds. All of us recommend not just examining the several hours every device can be used, but additionally exactly how it’s utilized. A bit of gear utilized outside may need much more servicing comapred to the exact same device utilized inside a stockroom environment. Utilizing quantitative as well as qualitative info can help you create a support strategy which helps every device distinctively and for that correct degree of upkeep.

Quantitative Info – This could consist of the amount of hours utilized every year, the typical pounds of every load delivered, support background, unit age as well as every other quantitative info obtainable via any kind of fleet administration software program you might make use of.

Qualitative Info – These details are generally observation-oriented as well as consists of the kind ofconditions every forklifts operates through, and also the experience or even training of the actual operator. This particular declaration might likewise incorporate the actual kinds of loads every device hauls. Carrying sea food from the pier as opposed to processing retail-ready sea food, for instance, can lead to 2 different wear-and-tear situations.

Every day unit inspections:

Even though they’re required through OSHA, we now have discovered that many businesses don’t carry out pre-shift unit inspections. We can’t let you know the number of occasions we’ve answered a phone call froma client that has needed to lock-out the device due to the pre-shift examination sicne it does not pass the pre-shift evaluation.

Pre-shift unit inspections may catch little upkeep problems prior to these problems blooming to huge repair head aches as well as harmful situations. Carrying out unit inspections additionally decreases your own legal responsibility to any sort of accident throughout a shift. Having the ability to give a current as well as comprehensive examination just before working the gear can help you significantly.

Companion Dealer Choice

Using a dealer companion that has the knowledge, abilities as well as educated repair personnel to utilize a person is really crucial piece to a prosperous plan. Not every provider is made equivalent; choosing 1 depending on cost alone could cause investing much more without enjoying the advantages. Rather, pick a companion which has shown for you they realize your own gear, your own procedure and also have the actual educated personnel in order to perform your own support strategy. Doing this provides you with the required end result for the procedure. To assistin determining the abilities of your dealer companion ask a couple questions seen below:

What technical training have your service technicians received? (formal as well as informal)

How experienced is your service staff as a whole? (including technicians)

Ask about the level of experience and confidence in repairing your specific type of equipment.

Ask for Referrals through additional customers which employed comparable gear along with comparable working problems

Go to their own service facility to determine exactly how it works. You are able to fairly rapidly see if the service department is actually structured as well as appropriately represented.

Making the effort to determine an extensive support plan requires a little more effort up-front, however over time this will pay for itself often more than not. To go over your own support plan with this educated personnel associated with service experts, make sure you contact us, or even give us a call from 866-393-9833.