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It seems our economy has had non-stop growth over the last few years, which is a great thing! Having a healthy economic environment bolsters further business growth and development. By having a steady and growing market, businesses tend to be a little less tight when it comes to spending capital on new projects or equipment for operations. Through this growth, Charlotte Forklifts has had an opportunity to grow our portfolio and our customer base.

We are proud to welcome the newest asset to the Charlotte Forklifts family, Forklift Data. We recently launched the Forklift Data website to provide our current and potential customers a new resource for doing research on new/used equipment pricing, fleet management services and equipment rentals. The materials handling equipment industry has been inundated with new market entries in terms of manufacturers, both foreign and domestic, over the last few years and we attribute that to the growth our markets have had. We have been hitting all time highs in the stock markets!

The Forklift Data website is designed to provide ease of use and operation for customers looking to get an answer fast without needing to look all over the place. Customers can go to the Forklift Data website and fill out a simple survey, no registration, no hassle and no commitment, and start to have equipment dealers contact them based on the inputs they gave during the survey. If you are in one of the local markets that can be covered by Charlotte Forklifts and Tri-Lift NC Inc, we will reach out immediately to provide assistance. If you are in other markets, either in the United States or in other countries, we have a global network of equipment distributors that we can forward your request to. The best part about this service is that it is entirely free for all customers to use. We are in the process of developing and finalizing the fleet management and rental services surveys but they will be formally launched soon.

In addition to providing assistance on finding new and used forklifts, fleet management services and rental services, Forklift Data also hosted a featured article library on their website. This featured article library provides access to articles not jsut about equipment but also best safety practices, warehouse space optimization, training, management and much more. It is designed to be used for companies of all sizes and employees in all positions. It never hurts to try and grow your knowledge of the industry you work within or would like to work within.

Additionally, our main sponsor Tri-Lift NC Inc, is also looking to hire to fill several positions in the North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia Markets. Tri-Lift is looking for skilled equipment technicians to join the only equipment dealer in North Carolina to achieve the Platinum award for Aftermarket Excellence! Join a third generation family business with a great company culture and succession plan in place. To head over to their company page listing the positions available, please click on the picture below. Don’t forget to sign up their e-newsletter while you are there!


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