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Warehouse Products and Solutions

Warehouse Products and Solutions

warehouse services and design

Companies across the world often struggle to maximize the space they have within their warehouse facilities. Maximizing the efficiency and utilization of space within a warehouse becomes even more important during times of increase growth and healthy economies. Often times, companies that need to handle quick operational expansion look to move into a larger building or expand their current building in an effort to support growth. While this approach has proven to work time and time again, it can also greatly increase overhead operational costs and ongoing maintenance costs. During times of high growth and high profitability, this might not be a problem but history proves that the markets run on a cyclical motion. When the markets retract, businesses tend to slow down and with that slowing motion profit tends to take a hit as well. Unfortunately, many companies that grow the footprint of their current facilities or move into an entirely new, larger, facility to support times of high growth find themselves in trouble with market downturns because its difficult to sustain the new overhead costs.

The best alternative to going down the road of bricks and mortar expansion is to maximize your current warehouse facilities without adding additional overhead costs. We have teamed up with some top notch companies including Forklift Data and Tri-Lift NC Inc to provide warehouse optimization strategies, professional warehouse solutions, warehouse space utilization and warehouse engineering and design services.

warehouse design and engineering services

By optimizing the current space your company has,  you can not only increase efficiency and productivity but also lower overall operational costs which in turn will directly affect your company’s bottom line in a positive manner.


If you company is looking to maximize the current facility you have or if you simply have questions or interest in this field, please do not hesitate to reach out directly to us at Charlotte-Forklifts and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Head over to our Contact Us page and we will take care of everything for you.

It seems our economy has had non-stop growth over the last few years, which is a great thing! Having a healthy economic environment bolsters further business growth and development. By having a steady and growing market, businesses tend to be a little less tight when it comes to spending capital on new projects or equipment for operations. Through this growth, Charlotte Forklifts has had an opportunity to grow our portfolio and our customer base.

We are proud to welcome the newest asset to the Charlotte Forklifts family, Forklift Data. We recently launched the Forklift Data website to provide our current and potential customers a new resource for doing research on new/used equipment pricing, fleet management services and equipment rentals. The materials handling equipment industry has been inundated with new market entries in terms of manufacturers, both foreign and domestic, over the last few years and we attribute that to the growth our markets have had. We have been hitting all time highs in the stock markets!

The Forklift Data website is designed to provide ease of use and operation for customers looking to get an answer fast without needing to look all over the place. Customers can go to the Forklift Data website and fill out a simple survey, no registration, no hassle and no commitment, and start to have equipment dealers contact them based on the inputs they gave during the survey. If you are in one of the local markets that can be covered by Charlotte Forklifts and Tri-Lift NC Inc, we will reach out immediately to provide assistance. If you are in other markets, either in the United States or in other countries, we have a global network of equipment distributors that we can forward your request to. The best part about this service is that it is entirely free for all customers to use. We are in the process of developing and finalizing the fleet management and rental services surveys but they will be formally launched soon.

In addition to providing assistance on finding new and used forklifts, fleet management services and rental services, Forklift Data also hosted a featured article library on their website. This featured article library provides access to articles not jsut about equipment but also best safety practices, warehouse space optimization, training, management and much more. It is designed to be used for companies of all sizes and employees in all positions. It never hurts to try and grow your knowledge of the industry you work within or would like to work within.

Additionally, our main sponsor Tri-Lift NC Inc, is also looking to hire to fill several positions in the North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia Markets. Tri-Lift is looking for skilled equipment technicians to join the only equipment dealer in North Carolina to achieve the Platinum award for Aftermarket Excellence! Join a third generation family business with a great company culture and succession plan in place. To head over to their company page listing the positions available, please click on the picture below. Don’t forget to sign up their e-newsletter while you are there!


tri-lift nc inc for hrie page and Tri-Lift NC, Inc are proud to announce the newest addition to our partner sites. is a newly launched website, sponsored by Tri-Lift NC, to promote the buying, selling or renting of large capacity Hoist Forklifts.

Who is Hoist?


The BIG TRUCK experts, Hoist Liftruck is a U.S. manufacturer of high-capacity liftrucks ranging from 7 to 57 tons. From heavy-duty cushion tire and pneumatic forklifts to container handlers and reach stackers, all of our liftrucks are 100% made in the USA.

Each liftruck is engineered and manufactured to maximize its durability, productivity and serviceability needed for the most demanding applications. This ingenuity also allows Hoist Liftruck to have industry-best lead times of 8-12 weeks for most equipment. With our U.S. roots dating back more than 95 years, Hoist Liftruck has extensive knowledge in high-capacity material handling equipment. We continue to embody the red, white and blue collar spirit with BIG TRUCKS forged in America.

Hoist Liftruck’s corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities are centrally located in America’s heartland, close to major highways, rail lines, as well as all our vendors.

Each of our liftrucks are 100% made in the USA thanks to our vertically integrated factory and partnership with domestic vendors. More than 75% of the material on each of our liftrucks is manufactured in-house, including chassis, steer axles and masts, with the remaining sourced from reputable U.S. vendors such as Cummins and Dana.

Our dedicated team of professionals strive to provide comprehensive customer service from initial contact to service and parts support in the field. Most Hoist Liftruck dealer locations stock a majority of commonly used parts that are ready for immediate pick up or delivery. Custom parts and components that are not readily available can be machined and delivered from our factory in less than two weeks.


Who is Tri-Lift NC Inc

Tri-Lift will continue to be the leader in providing innovative products and extraordinary services. Our team’s extensive experience and world class vendors are dedicated to building long-term relationships with our customers based on honesty, value, and a mutual respect. Tri-Lift was founded with the understanding that our success goes hand in hand with our customer’s success.

Our passion is to provide extraordinary service by responding promptly to our customer’s needs and providing solutions that will enhance their business. Our people will maintain the highest level of training available. We will communicate with empathy, urgency, honesty, and with accurate and clear information. Our mission is to blend our experience, traditional values, loyalty, and commitment with progressive solutions; now and for generations to come.

We are a company large enough to fill all your material handling needs, yet small enough to give you local, personalized service. It is our commitment to total customer satisfaction which separates us from our competition.

  • A working third generation business.
  • A real person will answer the phone every time you call any of our locations (No voicemail).
  • Hardworking and talented employees with little to no turn over.
  • We only hire high quality personnel with the ability to advance through the organization, and retain our corporate goals.
  • We reinvest our profits back into the company improving what we can do for our customers.
  • We run a lean organization maintaining a high level of efficiency which reduces our operating cost, allowing us to pass this savings on to our customers.
  • We are focused on the future creating ever greener ways of doing business.

Business Practice:

  • Tri-Lift’s financial strength.
  • Strategically placed full service facilities within our territory provide all of our customers with an equally high level of service.
  • Establish brick and mortar in a community creating jobs, this provides our customers with local talent that is aware of the local environment.

Visit the Tri-Lift NC Inc website:

Linde BR1411 Model Heavy-Duty Forklift

Re-designed for Performance and Comfort
The re-designed and engineered Linde BR1411 heavy-duty forklift line-up will change the way you think about big lift trucks.

These big trucks were not only built to perform for you, the owner, but built for the operator and service technician in mind as well. Linde’s engineering and design groups teamed up to build a forklift that performs better than any competitive brand, costs less to operate and will provide more comfort for your operators than any competing models.

A highlight of the HT100Ds-HT160Ds range is the “Power on Demand” capability which balances engine output with the truck
load and application, ensuring fuel savings and reduced service costs. High productivity is delivered by the robust, quiet, reliable and fuel-efficient Detroit Diesel Engine. (learn more)

Linde BR1411 at WorkReliability/Durability
The new Linde range of forklift trucks feature high quality and well-known robust and reliable components which have been thoroughly tested in numerous material handling and heavy duty, off-road applications to ensure a long operational life. (learn more)

A quiet, smooth and efficient overall driving experience is delivered via the use of powershift drive technology. Powerful acceleration and precise load handling are provided at all times, thereby assuring optimal levels of productivity. The Detroit/MTU, ZF 3 WG and Kessler drive train combination ensure outstanding performance with no interruption of the tractive effort via the use of proportional valves. (learn more)

Excellent all around visibility is achieved by the overall design of the new HT100Ds-HT160Ds. By positioning the cab, seat and steering in a centralized position Linde ensures superb through the mast visibility. Rear visibility is optimized by the wide rear window and unique “Clear View” rear deck. The new Armored Glass roof provides an unobstructed view of the lifted load. (learn more)

This truck delivers a comfortable and ergonomic operating environment with maximized cab space. Fully adjustable seating allows the driver to select individual seating preference and a range of options ensure that the cab can be tailored to individual customer requirements. The premium armrest is optionally equipped with an ergonomic “rotary multi-function interface” which is connected to a 7″ screen.  (learn more)

Download the Linde BR1411 Brochure

Learn more about standard features

Contact us for more information about how the new BR1411 can make a difference in your material handling operation.

Tri-Lift NC: Your New Equipment Headquarters

Several businesses, especially those in that warehouse industry, rely on the reliability and stability of a good forklift. Getting just the correct type forklift, and other equipment, can really make or break a business and you ought to be sure that you are not just handing your supplies with care but keeping your employees safe and comfortable while operating the forklift.

Luckily, there are companies out there that take great pride in their products and ensure you are only getting the best built business and top quality machinery. The individuals over at Tri-Lift do that with testing their forklifts, giving you only the best and innovative industrial equipment, and help fit you with innovative lift trucks for a decent cost. No matter if you would like something to transport a few goods or maybe a heavy amount of goods, it definitely pays to have new forklifts inside your arsenal and ones that will continue to run for a long time.

The website itself allows want you to browse their inventory and pick your brand-new industrial equipment based on several needs. Whether you want a specialized manufacturer or looking for an issue more general, you will be ready to find exactly the right little bit of new industrial equipment for you and your company. There are many different varieties of forklifts out there such as linde, clark, unicarriers, and hoist, all of which are provided at the new equipment headquarters ran by Tri-Lift NC Inc. There are certain forklifts that carry particular categories of materials and specialize in handling certain items carefully. No matter the need, and no matter the product, Tri-Lift has exactly what you may want and can give you the very top quality in forklift and forklift technology along with the supporting after-sale service.

Tri-Lift is creating a big push to not simply sell you new forklifts and become your provider, but to be your one-stop shop for everything material handling, training together with safety. This can be the beginning of a great and reliable partnership between providing them the means to continue giving your company quality forklifts and as well giving your company the specialized experience, prowess, and knowledge with a reliable forklift vendor. At the end of the day, Tri-Lift is making sure everyone is square and therefore business is being fulfilled with both ends. Tri-Lift is going to pursue to stock whatever your company needs with regard to new lift trucks and industrial equipment while maintaining the best service that makes them the best in the material handling business.


The Truth About Electric Forklifts

For decades, internal combustion engine forklifts have dominated market share in North America. Over the last five years or so, that is changing, for many reasons. More and more companies are realizing the benefits of switching to electric forklifts from internal combustion, which are:

  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Longer forklift useful life
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved ergonomics for the operator
  • Zero emissions in the facility

In fact, electric forklift now count for 65% of the North American market share of new forklift sales. Recent years have seen dramatic improvements in:

  • Electric motor technology and performance
  • Charging technology, particularly fast-charging systems
  • Outdoor performance and durability
  • Increases in maximum capacities of electric forklifts

One of the big advancements has come by way of fast charging technology.  Conventional charging means multiple batteries for each forklift as it would take 8 to 10 hours to charge a batter, then 6 to 8 hours to rest and cool, then discharging during a regular 8 hour shift. However with new fast charging technologies, electric forklifts are often able to remain productive with a single battery. Fast charging stations are placed throughout the facility where operators take breaks, this allows for fast charging during non-productive times.

In addition smart charging systems are truly that, smart; they recognize the type of battery being used in order to charge it safely and efficiently.  In addition, many smart charging systems feature automatic watering and equalization capabilities.  This ensures cell balance and proper battery care, keeping the battery within manufacturer’s recommended conditions and validating the warranty.

Recent studies of electric forklifts vs their internal combustion counterparts have revealed dramatic savings. With increased useful life, reduced maintenance and fuel costs one study showed that a fleet savings of over $200,000 by switching to electric forklifts. But electric forklifts are not for everyone just yet. Be sure to consult with professionals that understand electric forklifts, charging systems, their benefits and limitations.

Tri-Lift NC, Inc. has a wide variety of forklifts to choose from. From electric pallet jacks and walkie riders to 100,000lb cushion tire and 80 Volt outdoor-ready pneumatics!

Contact us at 866-393-9833 to speak with one of our fleet professionals about the viability of electric forklifts for your application.


Benefits of Forklift Operator Training

You will find there’s distinct difference between teaching people something, like safe forklift process, and truly training them ways to perform the function safely together with efficiently. We have addressed this topic within our previously published “Safety Training vs. Teaching: Recognizing the Differences. ” A prestigious, comprehensive and ongoing safety training curriculum for your forklift operators gives you not only protection from probable liabilities, but also enhances ones operation. In this article we will address four in the major benefits of formalizing your forklift operator training curriculum.

Compliance with regulatory requirements – OSHA together with ANSI have requirements regarding forklifts. And ultimately it is for you to decide, the employer to see that the operators and fleet managers know the regulations and that your enterprise is in compliance. Failure to comply but not just opens your company up with regard to potential fines, but also for fiscal damages should a wound occur with your fleet and operator using compliance with government standards together with regulations. But the benefits set off far beyond compliance.

Increased useful life and reduced operating costs – Training but not just in safe, proper forklift process, but also in proper pre-shift inspections can lead to catching small maintenance issues together with fixing them before they flower into giant repair headaches. Knowing proper methods of doing work a forklift also results in less use on your equipment. All of this results with equipment that stays in better condition for a longer time of time, an increase in useful life to your forklifts, and lower operating bills.

Proper training will also lower your costs with regard to less damage to the solutions your operators move, and for a facility. The bottom line is usually thorough, documented and formalized training results in better care for your accessories, your products, your facility and unfortunately your bottom line.

Better morale and improved “spirit” of safety – Employees which were professionally trained truly feel looked after, and they should! Each of your forklift operators is in charge of a very dangerous piece with equipment. One wrong move could for good change their lives or the lives of folks working around the forklift. Right after they know you “have their back” and tend to be not simply going through that motions to appease government, they respond positively by predicting that spirit of safety into other areas of your operation and will “have your back” by helping you discover of other possible improvements that will benefit your company.

Improved productivity – Operators that receive ongoing training are usually more efficient at operating your forklifts. This efficiency results in more productive employees. Improved morale and efficiency gained from training raises how much work each to your operators can accomplish daily, and that improves your in a nutshell.

We believe training in all areas of your operation will improve your enterprise and profits. Visit our safety training webpage to acquire more information, then give us a call to debate a formal and documented training curriculum for your operators.



ITA Forecast GraphWith no shortage of headline-grabbing news from Washington, DC; “Will the Federal Reserve Raise Rates? Will Congress Pass a Debt Ceiling Increase and Negotiate a Budget? Will US Foreign Trade Policy Initiatives Pass Congress? Will Presidential Election Politics Gridlock Washington?”

Some of these headline questions have been answered – Congress passed a debt increase and a budget. Presidential politics always creates more gridlock. The remainder of these questions are yet to be seen but certainly have the potential to affect business.

The US economy has witnessed some stability in the market over the past twelve months. One contribution to that stability has been the reported stronger real GDP growth earlier this year. The estimate of growth in the US economy was revised sharply higher, up from 2.3% in the original estimate to 3.7 percent in the August report. This reflected better consumer and business spending data than previously thought.

The Labor Department says the U.S. economy added 142,000 jobs in September, a figure that fell short of expectations but nonetheless appeared to shrug off turmoil in overseas markets.
Our economy has now added 8.0 million jobs over the past three years, a pace that has not been exceeded since the year 2000. In a separate survey, the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics said the unemployment rate had dipped to 5.1percent – a seven-year low.

There are even some areas of the country that report unemployment in the 3 percent range, which could mean that anyone who wants a job – has one. And while the economy added jobs at a somewhat slower pace than in recent months, the unemployment rate remains at its lowest level since April 2008.

Overall US manufacturers are still seeking a stronger recovery and data releases issued at the end of August provided mixed news about the state of the sector right now. On the positive side – new durable goods orders rose 2.0 percent in July, continuing the 4.1 percent jump in June. Much of the gains have come from the transportation equipment sector, and excluding that segment, new orders increased 0.6 percent in July.

However, reduced crude oil prices, the strong dollar and weakness in certain markets around the world could be seen as taking their toll on demand and production for export products. The US Department of Commerce recently reported that the trade deficit fell to its lowest level in five months in July, down to $41.9 billion from the revised $45.2 billion figure for June. However, it is important to note that the trade deficit is running 3.6percent above last year’s level, reflecting weaker export sales.

The October Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) registered 51.4 percent, an increase from the 50.7 percent in September. It is important for us to recognize this report does not track hard data but the present situation in a number of industries derived from a survey of purchasing managers from those industries. A reading over 50 from those surveyed indicates that a majority reported that conditions in their industry are improving.

Automobile sales continue to be a bright spot in US manufacturing. A senior analyst raised their 2015 sales forecast to 17.72 million vehicles from 16.8 million after July sales numbers were calculated. The industry’s record is 17.4 million cars and light trucks, set in the year 2000. The automotive industry appears to be healthy again.

While there has been some recovery in housing starts or new homes that have been built, the number of new homes being built have not returned to pre-recession levels.

US Forklift Industry
The North American lift truck industry has recovered nicely from the recession in 2009. Retail orders for all five truck classes in 2014 were approximately 214,000 orders, which almost reached our pre-recession level of 215,000 units. When considering where we were in 2009 with only 98,000 units, our industry in North America has rebounded quite well and can be characterized as mature and healthy.

This year has been another strong year for our industry as each month so far has either equaled or been stronger than the corresponding month from last year. Overall through August, the North American industry is up over 10 percent year-to-date compared to last year.

Our latest ITA Membership survey for 2015 results show approximately 220,000 retail orders are expected for 2015. This would represent a record for our industry, demonstrating the strong recovery our market has enjoyed.

ITA Activities
The ITA priorities remain:
• International cooperation on standards development
• Promoting free/fair trade
• Engineering practices
• Accurate & timely statistics
• Industry communications & networking
• Continuation of our OSHA Compliance Officer Training Program.
In addition, the continuation of National Forklift Safety Day, which was a new initiative the ITA launched in 2014, will continue to be supported each year. National Forklift Safety Day is held on the second Tuesday of June, and serves as a focal point for manufacturers to highlight the safe use of forklifts, and importance of operator training. This day provides an opportunity for the industry to raise awareness and educate customers, policymakers and US government officials on forklift operating safety practices.

Recognizing one of the ITA’s fundamental priorities is communication and safety, we launched National Forklift Safety Day. We are determined to use this day as an opportunity to address critical priorities concerning forklift operator safety through improved education and training. We welcomed speeches from influential members of Washington and also industry experts during our event which was held in Washington DC.

It was through ITA Member outreach efforts and the efforts of our official media sponsor, that we are able to generate a considerable amount of media coverage related to this event, which included circulation numbers from all of the media outlets exceeding 60 million.

Support of trade policy initiatives that create a level playing field and support US manufacturing and growth continues to be a priority for ITA. In June this year Congress passed the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) bill and was signed into law by the president. US TPA legislation updates and renews the longstanding executive-congressional partnership to promote market-opening trade agreements. This legislation sets forth trade negotiating objectives and puts in place new procedures to ensure that the negotiators are held accountable and share information with Congress and private-sector stakeholders. Ultimately, TPA enables the United States to negotiate trade agreements by ensuring an up-or-down vote on a final trade agreement. This legislation will now be put into practice as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade negotiations have concluded with the 12 nations involved agreeing to the terms negotiated.

The congressional debate on TPP, the Federal Reserve and a host of other policy debates will certainly continue to generate significant headline news and all have potential impacts on our industry. Coupled with the full swing of the presidential election process and 2016 is already shaping up to be an interesting year.


By Brian Feehan, President, ITA.

Article sourced from MHEDA Journal @

March Forklift Special: Linde H30T Pneumatic Forklift



New Forklift Special: Linde H30T

$39,900 Plus Tax & Delivery


*72 month FMV Lease with approved credit and application survey.

This truck features the exclusive Linde Protector Frame overhead guard and frame system that offers unparalleled protection for the driver. The top mounted tilt cylinders allow for a mast design which maximizes all-around visibility, while optimizing truck stability.
Advanced engine and drive technology combined with the original Linde Load Control system enable the operator to utilize the truck´s vast potential for greatest possible productivity. The exclusive Linde dual pedal travel control allows smooth directional changes and precise maneuvering, even in the tightest areas.
A comfortable operator is a productive and safe operator. That’s why the 393-02 series is designed to the latest ergonomic standards. A multitude of features such as the armrest, full suspension seat, ample foot room, and an adjustable steering column, are all part of a comprehensive effort to keep the operator comfortable and secure.
Low Maintenance & Outstanding Durability
Exclusive features like Linde hydrostatic drive, neoprene mounting of axles, and mast & tilt cylinders, all contribute extensively to low maintenance. The longest maintenance intervals in the industry are just one result of applied know-how and engineering. Even in the harshest applications this truck series offers a proven combination of reliability and durability resulting in long service life.


Read more about the benefits of “Going Linde” Here:

and here:

Understanding Equipment Total Ownership Costs vs Purchase Price.

Total CostWhen you are purchasing a piece of equipment, you obtain competitive quotes, verify specifications and generate a purchase order. For that matter, just about anything we purchase goes through the same process. However, there is much more to purchasing forklifts and other material handling equipment. We have found, over the years, that often there are variables that can greatly affect the total cost of ownership of anything, be it an automobile, forklift or a giant cargo container.

The price you pay for your piece of equipment, by most accounts, reflects about 10% of the total ownership costs of that piece of equipment. This leaves 90% of your total costs up in the air. Depending on many variables, you could pay much more for the equipment than you needed to, or much less. These variables include:

Performance and Reliability of Equipment – Comparing cost per hour to operate can give you a good idea of what competing pieces of equipment will cost you over their useful life. When comparing cost per hour to operate, you should be sure you’re comparing similar models under similar circumstances. A lift truck operating 1500 hours a year for a light weight product manufacturer will cost far less over its lifetime than the same lift truck operating at a recycling facility. This cost should reflect general maintenance requirements as well as fuel costs.

Fuel Consumption – While this is often a part of performance and cost per hour, knowing the fuel costs for each comparing brand and calculating total costs over the life of the equipment can sometimes be quite an eye-opener. In addition, what are your fuel alternatives? Can you use electric models? Thinking outside the box may result in lower costs to power your forklift and other lift equipment.

Specifications vs. Operations – It is rare that two 5,000-lb-capacity forklifts from competing brands will have similar specifications. Knowing what your facility will accommodate and comparing that with each model will give you insight into how each model will perform, given your operating parameters. Factors include: aisle width vs. turn radius, draw bar pull, suspension and ergonomics compared to your floor condition, indoor/outdoor use and ceiling height/rack height vs. max lift height. You will also want to compare features between brands to ensure that each lift truck model is equipped with the proper components to meet your operational requirements. For example: Can it operate properly inside your ice cream freezer?

Ergonomics – A comfortable and smooth-running piece of equipment will provide you with increased productivity. These are costs hidden in equipment that are quite real in daily operating conditions. How much time and research and development, does each brand put into the comfort and ease of use of their equipment? Happy, comfortable operators are simply more productive.

Safety – Never underestimate the safety features of your equipment. What equipment is being specified and what equipment is optional from each manufacturer is very important to know. Reducing your accident costs or product/facility damage can make a big difference in your total fleet operational expenses.

Useful Life – Finally, how many hours can you expect from each piece of equipment until the cost to operate becomes cost-prohibitive? This can vary widely depending upon brand and model. But having some qualitative and quantitative information on hand, if possible, will help you make a better decision about the total cost of operating each unit/model. Our flagship line, Linde forklifts are widely considered the world’s most cost-effective and productive forklifts. Their engineering and construction make them the lowest total ownership cost forklift available!

There are many factors beyond price tag or lease rate that can help you make good decisions about the equipment you purchase. Having a partner that listens, evaluates and fulfills your needs is essential in building a fleet that is most productive and less costly in the long run. Contact us at 866-393-9833 to speak to one of our material handling professionals about the right forklift for your operation.


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