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Tri-Lift NC: Your New Equipment Headquarters

Several businesses, especially those in that warehouse industry, rely on the reliability and stability of a good forklift. Getting just the correct type forklift, and other equipment, can really make or break a business and you ought to be sure that you are not just handing your supplies with care but keeping your employees safe and comfortable while operating the forklift.

Luckily, there are companies out there that take great pride in their products and ensure you are only getting the best built business and top quality machinery. The individuals over at Tri-Lift do that with testing their forklifts, giving you only the best and innovative industrial equipment, and help fit you with innovative lift trucks for a decent cost. No matter if you would like something to transport a few goods or maybe a heavy amount of goods, it definitely pays to have new forklifts inside your arsenal and ones that will continue to run for a long time.

The website itself allows want you to browse their inventory and pick your brand-new industrial equipment based on several needs. Whether you want a specialized manufacturer or looking for an issue more general, you will be ready to find exactly the right little bit of new industrial equipment for you and your company. There are many different varieties of forklifts out there such as linde, clark, unicarriers, and hoist, all of which are provided at the new equipment headquarters ran by Tri-Lift NC Inc. There are certain forklifts that carry particular categories of materials and specialize in handling certain items carefully. No matter the need, and no matter the product, Tri-Lift has exactly what you may want and can give you the very top quality in forklift and forklift technology along with the supporting after-sale service.

Tri-Lift is creating a big push to not simply sell you new forklifts and become your provider, but to be your one-stop shop for everything material handling, training together with safety. This can be the beginning of a great and reliable partnership between providing them the means to continue giving your company quality forklifts and as well giving your company the specialized experience, prowess, and knowledge with a reliable forklift vendor. At the end of the day, Tri-Lift is making sure everyone is square and therefore business is being fulfilled with both ends. Tri-Lift is going to pursue to stock whatever your company needs with regard to new lift trucks and industrial equipment while maintaining the best service that makes them the best in the material handling business.


The Truth About Electric Forklifts

For decades, internal combustion engine forklifts have dominated market share in North America. Over the last five years or so, that is changing, for many reasons. More and more companies are realizing the benefits of switching to electric forklifts from internal combustion, which are:

  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Longer forklift useful life
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved ergonomics for the operator
  • Zero emissions in the facility

In fact, electric forklift now count for 65% of the North American market share of new forklift sales. Recent years have seen dramatic improvements in:

  • Electric motor technology and performance
  • Charging technology, particularly fast-charging systems
  • Outdoor performance and durability
  • Increases in maximum capacities of electric forklifts

One of the big advancements has come by way of fast charging technology.  Conventional charging means multiple batteries for each forklift as it would take 8 to 10 hours to charge a batter, then 6 to 8 hours to rest and cool, then discharging during a regular 8 hour shift. However with new fast charging technologies, electric forklifts are often able to remain productive with a single battery. Fast charging stations are placed throughout the facility where operators take breaks, this allows for fast charging during non-productive times.

In addition smart charging systems are truly that, smart; they recognize the type of battery being used in order to charge it safely and efficiently.  In addition, many smart charging systems feature automatic watering and equalization capabilities.  This ensures cell balance and proper battery care, keeping the battery within manufacturer’s recommended conditions and validating the warranty.

Recent studies of electric forklifts vs their internal combustion counterparts have revealed dramatic savings. With increased useful life, reduced maintenance and fuel costs one study showed that a fleet savings of over $200,000 by switching to electric forklifts. But electric forklifts are not for everyone just yet. Be sure to consult with professionals that understand electric forklifts, charging systems, their benefits and limitations.

Tri-Lift NC, Inc. has a wide variety of forklifts to choose from. From electric pallet jacks and walkie riders to 100,000lb cushion tire and 80 Volt outdoor-ready pneumatics!

Contact us at 866-393-9833 to speak with one of our fleet professionals about the viability of electric forklifts for your application.


Benefits of Forklift Operator Training

You will find there’s distinct difference between teaching people something, like safe forklift process, and truly training them ways to perform the function safely together with efficiently. We have addressed this topic within our previously published “Safety Training vs. Teaching: Recognizing the Differences. ” A prestigious, comprehensive and ongoing safety training curriculum for your forklift operators gives you not only protection from probable liabilities, but also enhances ones operation. In this article we will address four in the major benefits of formalizing your forklift operator training curriculum.

Compliance with regulatory requirements – OSHA together with ANSI have requirements regarding forklifts. And ultimately it is for you to decide, the employer to see that the operators and fleet managers know the regulations and that your enterprise is in compliance. Failure to comply but not just opens your company up with regard to potential fines, but also for fiscal damages should a wound occur with your fleet and operator using compliance with government standards together with regulations. But the benefits set off far beyond compliance.

Increased useful life and reduced operating costs – Training but not just in safe, proper forklift process, but also in proper pre-shift inspections can lead to catching small maintenance issues together with fixing them before they flower into giant repair headaches. Knowing proper methods of doing work a forklift also results in less use on your equipment. All of this results with equipment that stays in better condition for a longer time of time, an increase in useful life to your forklifts, and lower operating bills.

Proper training will also lower your costs with regard to less damage to the solutions your operators move, and for a facility. The bottom line is usually thorough, documented and formalized training results in better care for your accessories, your products, your facility and unfortunately your bottom line.

Better morale and improved “spirit” of safety – Employees which were professionally trained truly feel looked after, and they should! Each of your forklift operators is in charge of a very dangerous piece with equipment. One wrong move could for good change their lives or the lives of folks working around the forklift. Right after they know you “have their back” and tend to be not simply going through that motions to appease government, they respond positively by predicting that spirit of safety into other areas of your operation and will “have your back” by helping you discover of other possible improvements that will benefit your company.

Improved productivity – Operators that receive ongoing training are usually more efficient at operating your forklifts. This efficiency results in more productive employees. Improved morale and efficiency gained from training raises how much work each to your operators can accomplish daily, and that improves your in a nutshell.

We believe training in all areas of your operation will improve your enterprise and profits. Visit our safety training webpage to acquire more information, then give us a call to debate a formal and documented training curriculum for your operators.