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Long-Term Equipment Rentals

Long-Term Equipment Rentals

Changes may ensue quickly and unexpectedly. Owning in addition to investing in depreciating capital equipment will frequently and most often be a large specific drain on your company’s money/cash flow as well as si heavy as a large asset on your books. A nicely thought-out forklift acquisition strategy is able to often include rental options.

Tri-Lift NC Inc maintains experts at designing brief and long-term plans to obtain the equipment you’ll need at the terms which are flexible enough for you to accept. We will likely work with you to style a custom designed rental and equipment acquisition strategy that assists you to achieve your own materials handling goals as well as accounting goals.

The benefits of of Long-Term Rental accommodations include:

Absolutely no up-front capital cost. Whether your company needs one forklift to or looking to acquire an entire fleet, we are able to deliver to your door immediately, and an LTR options allows you to preserve hard-cash for other running business needs.

Reduce your growing fleet and write off stand-by equipment simply by renting from Tri-Lift.

Eliminate obsolescence with flexible upgrades whenever your operational business needs have changed.

Renting is generally classified as a 100% Business expense. Discard complex accounting allowance and depreciation schedules.

Tri-Lift’s exclusive Single Page Paper Performance Dependent Contract means one monthly payment for your own long-term rental, and then we handle all the of the maintenance.

Flexibility. The client can rent in several different term lengths like by the day, 7 days,  and by the month…. we even offer 12 months rental terms for those clients interested in short term rentals with Long-Term Rentals offering terms of up to 8 years!

If any any moment during your rental term, your company decides that you would rather purchase and own the quipment that you have been using rather than renting it, no problem. Simply contact the rental department at Tri-Lift NC Inc or your regional equipment representative and we can works out terms for ownership quite easily since the assets below to our rental fleet rather than a third part bank.


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