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Linde: The World’s Best Forklift

Linde: The World’s Best Forklift

The pneumatic Linde forklift is in a category all of its own. Specifically looking at the Linde 396 and 1401 series of pneumatic forklifts which covers the models H60D, H60D / H70D / H80D / H80D-900 / H80D-1100 for 396 series (13,000 to 17,500lbs capacity) and models H100 / H120 / H120-1200 / H140 / H140-1200 / H150 / H160 / H160-1200 / H180 – Diesel for 1401 series (22,000 to 40,000lbs). Although every Linde made product blows away all competition in terms of functionality, efficiency, and quality, the large pneumatic series of forklifts, are the sweet spot for this particular manufacturer.

There are some differences between the 396 series and the 1401 series, other than capacity, but this article will review some of the features and benefits that both of these series of forklifts share and how they can save a commercial or heavy industrial application more time, money, and frustration than any other forklift brand on earth.


Drive, Body, and Frame:

Perhaps one of the things that Linde is most well-known for, the Linde Hydrostatic drive unit, has absolutely no other competitors on the market. With the implementation of the hydrostatic drive, Linde has been able to develop one of the most advanced forklift drive systems in the world. The Linde hydrostatic drive unit is a completely sealed and pressurized hydraulic system that allows for maximum performance with minimum maintenance. The sealed system eliminates the chance for particulates and debris to be sucked into the system and then contaminating it.

The setup of this system allows for the hydrostatic drive to power forklift acceleration up to 7 MPH at only 1,050 RPM and then anything beyond 7 MPH, the engine takes over acceleration while still only revving to a maximum of 2,100 RPM. Having the engine RPM cap of 2,100 RPM allows for fantastic fuel efficiency, even in the most demanding operational environments. The hydrostatic drive eliminates the need for standard friction drum brakes, clutch packs, or torque converter transmissions and allows for infinite variable speed control. Unrivaled truck control directly correlates to higher driver productivity which in turn reduces operator stress and error-rate levels. In addition, the elimination of traditional brakes means that coasting of any kind is not possible. When operators release their foot off of the acceleration pedal, the forklifts immediately begin to come to a stop as the hydrostatic drive tilts interior swash-plates in the opposite direction of travel, reversing the flow of hydraulic fluid. The reversing flow of the hydraulic fluid in turn changes the direction of travel. Again, no standard brakes, clutches, or torque converters to worry about replacing or maintaining.

Coupled with the sealed and pressurized drive system, are the seam-welded full belly-pan construction and shock mounted components. Having the seam-welded full belly-pan allows for the belly-pan to act as a skid plate which protects vital components and fortifies the forklift’s frame as a whole. In addition to the belly pan, shock-mounting interior components protects them against road shock damage as well as carriage and chassis vibrations, again extending forklift life.

The benefits do not stop there… the frame and body of the Linde forklift is designed and built for maximum efficiency. Unlike standard forklifts, the Linde forklift’s counterbalance weight is molded and incorporated throughout the forklift’s frame to allow for increased unit stability while eliminating bulky hanging counterweights in the rear of the forklift. This feature also allows for drastically reduced wear on the forklift’s steer tires because the counterbalance weight is not sitting completely on the rear axle of the forklift, often times being reported as saving three times (3x) the amount of replacement tires required against traditional forklifts. Combine the advanced counterweight design with an operator cab designed by Porsche Engineers and you have a forklift with efficiency and ergonomics that are untouched by the rest of the market.



Like any advanced machine, the Linde forklift does require periodic maintenance but not like standard forklifts. The incorporated Linde Hydrostatic drives means…. No transmission oil or transmission oil filter changes are required, no standard brake drum jobs, no need to replace torque converter transmissions, differentials or burnt clutch packs, leading to thousands of dollars in savings against a standard forklift with a torque converter drivetrain setup… advanced tilt cylinder design means no tilt cylinder greasing is required. The way the mast is mounted, eliminates the need to grease the mast mount. With the recommended oil changes at every 300 hours for harsh applications and oil filter changes at every 1,000 hours, recommended hydraulic oil changes every 3,000 hours and recommended hydraulic oil filter changes every 6,000 hours, continuous runtime is never a problem for Linde forklifts. If the recommended maintenance guidelines for Linde forklifts are followed, the units are known to have some of the longest life cycles in the equipment industry, often times being utilized well past 20,000 hours of run time where typical forklifts will start to quit at half that time. The best part about Linde maintenance… for each and every periodic maintenance interval, Linde supplies an all-inclusive maintenance kit that has everything you need based on the hour service that is due, which means only a single part number to order when it comes time. No multiple parts bills and sifting through what you need and don’t need. The maintenance kits are opened, all parts in the kit are swapped onto the truck, the old parts get deposited into the box to be recycled, and the unit is back up and running in no time.


The Bottom Line:

The bottom line is that there is without a doubt, no other forklift on earth that can come close to the quality and craftsmanship behind the Linde forklift. Currently one of largest equipment manufacturers in the world, Linde is here to stay and to support the top notch product they release into the market.

Linde (KION GROUP) is in the process of targeting the United States to increase market share and become the number one forklift manufacturer in the world by 2020.

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